Non Destructive Excavation (NDD) or Potholing is the safest, most accurate and cost effective process of excavating without disrupting any underground services, it involves the combination of high pressure water and high velocity vacuum to excavate the ground to the required depth.

This excavation process is ideal for excavating in roadways/footpath, around critical infrastruture, tight spaces or to identify the exact location of underground services.

AP Drain Inspections offers a complete job process start to finish including:

  • Service location.
  • Road Sawing and removal.
  • Potholing Works.
  • Waste disposal.
  • Asset Idenification and GPS mapping.
  • Backfilling and compaction.
  • Surface Reinstatement.

The benefits of pot holing excavation include:

  • Clearly Identifying underground services.
  • No damage to underground services during excavation.
  • No damage to underground tree roots during excavation.
  • Excavate in restricted spaces.
  • No over excavation.
  • Excavate holes to exacte dimensions.
  • Quick removal of excavated material