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WaterJetting Division

AP Drain Inspections has a range of high and ultra high pressure water jetting equipment. We utilize a large range of specialist equipment to carry out the cleaning of industrial drains, sewer, grease and storm water lines. Our experienced operators ensure the most efficient cleaning speed is delivered using a variety of nozzles and advanced cleaning attachments.

All units have large volume water storage tanks, and also carry standpipes for easy connection to hydrants for street water supplies. Our specialised applications remove a variety of materials such as tree roots, grease, bacterial cultures, deposits, roots, drain skins, sediments, sludges, cement, slurry, silt and incrustations from a variety of drains and sewer systems

AP Drain Inspections has high pressure water units for cleaning work up to 2500PSI. We have invested in state of the art cleaning attachments ranging from spinning nozzles, rotary multi-jet head pipe cleaning attachments, tank cleaning heads. We are experts in applying the correct specialised tooling, job-matched nozzles, automated equipment and the exact pressure and volume to get the job done quickly and safely.

Equipment Resources

  • Low & High Pressure water jets
  • Combination jet/ vacuum units ( up to 2500psi & 8 m3 debris tank)
  • CCTV Robotic Units
  • Various specialist nozzles for specific applications

This Equipment is ideal for:

  • Cleaning of domestic & Industrial Storm water drain
  • Drain cleaning of silt, debris and fats
  • Root cutting of pipes up to 600mm in diameter
  • Clearing of blockages (24/7)
  • Debris removal and transportation to waste disposal facilities
  • Spill clean up-
  • CCTV surveys to assess the condition of pipes