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Vacuum Loading Division

AP Drain Inspections has acquired a reputation as being a technologically advanced company. This reputation is due to our continual investment in technology that provides real benefits for clients. In late 2007, our vacuum specialist designed and built the latest in vacuum unit equipment. This unit is the latest in vacuum technology, due to specialised accessories, time on site and other resources required to complete a job is reduce, providing significant financial benefits to our clients.

The vacuum units have a 10m3 capacity interceptor and the system delivers 27 inches of mercury suction at less than 80DBA noise level. It is capable of delivering a range of airflows and suction levels depending on which gear and size of hose is selected. The protection of the environment is a major concern to us at AP Drain Inspections; the new High Velocity Unit is the most advanced environmental approach to vacuum loading.

vacuum-loadingThese products can be vacuumed and transported:

  • Liquids
  • General slurries
  • Woodchips
  • oils
  • carbon based materials
  • Dry and wet sand
  • Soils and clay
  • Cement

AP Drain Inspections is a Licensed Transporter of Environmental waste.
All waste is transported and disposed of as per our EPA licence conditions.

This equipment is ideal for:

  • Stormwater and sewerage system cleaning
  • Emergency spills
  • Spill pits including deep hard access pits
  • Transportation and disposal of wet or dry materials